Good news – I no longer need to worry about trends and popularity. For the next N (insert your own number) years we can ignore Twitter trends and YouTube popularity.

The folly of hashtags is that things like #tigershouldsay can get into the top 5 trending “topics” on Twitter. Most are dumb and/or poor and/or old attempts at jokes that were no good first time around.

Sysomos have released a detailed analysis of what was most “popular” in the 33.2 billion online videos viewed during December 2009. As you will see most are in the “entertainment” category.

1. JK Wedding Entrance Dance
The bridal party dances down the aisle during Kevin and Jill’s wedding. (41 million views)

2. Evian Roller Babies international version
Animated babies in diapers and wearing roller-skates dance to “Rapper’s Delight” by Dan The Automator. (17.6 million)

3. The Muppets singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”
The Muppets singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. (12.4 million)

4. Piano stairs – –
Stairs in Stockholm that played music when you stepped on them. (10.1 million)

5. United Breaks Guitars
Canadian musician Dave Carroll’s video about United Airline baggage handlers who damaged his Taylor guitar. (7.5 million)

One useful piece of information is the age breakdown of YouTube viewers:

YouTube age stats chart

Full report here: