Despite all the bleating about the web killing publishing and the music industries, one media company is whipping all into shape – Google. In fact their revenue last year – $23.6 billion – was greater than the entire magazine industry!!

Apple iPadSo while the music cartels have been bleating about piracy, the truth is now being revealed:
– only 10% of torrent downloads are actually music
– half of those music downloads may be private or royalty-free

So the music industry has wasted the past 5 years, believing its own lies while Apple and Google make billions of dollars from their sector:
– Apple’s iTunes store is the BIGGEST download source on the planet today
– Apple’s iTunes store will soon reach an astonishing record of 10 BILLION downloads

Apple’s iPad will set the standard for publishing in the same way the iPod / iTunes / iPhone combination revolutionised music – by making it user-friendly and allowing people to actually choose.

The iPad will allow users to see words, images and video however and whenever they want.

Let me repeat that – with the iPad users will be able to see words, images and video however and whenever they want.

Will iPad users pay? You bet, because we have already seen nearly half of the 75 million iPhone and iTouch users download one paid app a month. That’s around 30 million paid apps per month. iPad users will be no different – and probably even keener.