If ever there is a correctly named podcast it must be DJ Victoria Wood’s Weekly Essentials.

DJ Victoria WoodThe recent Episode 26 is a classic in so many ways. I will do no more than say anyone with an interest in trance, dance and progressive should rush to listen to DJ Victoria. Here is the background to the mashup mix:

A few people have been asking about some of my older mashups, so I decided to get them all together and put them in the mix for this weeks podcast. There are a few missing from this list however which got lost in a hard drive crash last year, so if anyone has one of mine that is not on this list, feel free send me a message.

I have also made these available to download individually from my wordpress page. There is an extra one there too as I had made a different one with the “To The Six” track which was played a couple of weeks ago.

Victoria’s Weekly Essentials Podcast is aired on the following stations:

DiscoverTrance Radio – Wednesdays 5pm-7pm EST | Midnight-2am UK

GrooveENERGY Radio – Tuesdays 2pm-4pm EST | 7pm-9pm UK

EMSRadio – 1pm-3pm Wednesdays UK | 9pm-11pm Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Western Australia