Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose

The huge success of trance around the world is a great benefit for listeners, allowing us to tune in to tracks, mixes and podcasts from Holland, Brazil, Australia or Russia. And any club or event needs some driving beats to stir the dancefloor.

Judging by the two-track EP that introduces Novaline, those beats can now come from Sweden via Norway. The man behind the name is Mauricio Unzueta Gubernati from Stockholm, a young trance producer who received his big break courtesy of MySpace.

The Agenda Music boss Einar K heard Mauricio’s music and promptly added his talents to the Norwegian label. The Original Mix of Run Away grabs your ears from the start, straight into a romping beat that encourages feet, fingers and whole body movement. The first break down introduces the vocals of Lisa Rose, crystal clear and then uplifting as the instrumentation builds back up.

The trailblazers of global trance, like van Buuren, Tiesto, Above & Beyond to name just three, have crafted and polished their mixes over years. On the evidence of Run Away, both Mauricio and Lisa Rose have understood the masters and built a floor-filler of a track in their first collaboration.

Lisa Rose began singing when young and started with a vocal coach at age 11. The hard work that followed on many low-profile projects has paid off in the pitch-perfect performance she delivers on Run Away. Now 22, Lisa’s voice captures both ethereal and passionate in equal measures.

The Dub Mix includes soaring passages for both instrumental and vocal, the solid rhythm capable of slotting into any high-profile DJ’s set.

This EP could be on plenty of “Best of the Month” lists for three good reasons – a label that really understands the genre, a talented producer to watch and a vocal ability that could take songs to the top of the charts.