Between 1990 and 2005 more than 1 billion people worldwide entered the middle class. As they get richer they become more literate, which fuels information growth.

Apple iPhone AThat is the demographic backdrop. But the important word is information rather than literate or middle class. A couple more statistics to help set the scene, including there are around 6.8 billion people inhabiting planet Earth.

• 4.6 billion people have mobile-phone subscriptions

• 1 billion-2 billion people are internet users

My bet is that a huge percentage of the internet users are also mobile phone users. And we already know the majority of mobile phone subs are with younger people, but also that pre-teens and teens send the majority of the billions of text messages each day. We also know something most enthusiasts of the web forget:

Text messages outnumber the combined totals of updates from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, every day.

The babies of the post WWII baby boomers are now defining the uses of technology, even if the inventors didn’t realise the use at the time (the billions of SMS messages were a surprise to everyone). But now the mashup generation co-opt Social Media to feed their mobile preferences. Evidence? Sears + Twitter = mobile!

Apple iPhone multi-functionSears Holdings posted over 500,000 job openings last year via traditional recruiting channels. Those job vacancies will be ‘mashed’ by Twitter going forward. The TweetMyJOBS service will be used so job seekers can receive instant notifications on their mobiles when new jobs are posted online via Twitter.

The soon-to-be 5 billion mobile users are leaving the walled garden half billion Facebook users behind in the dust.