The past month has been taken up with reading advance info about the Apple iPad, changing and redecorating half the house while moving the home office around, reading all the reviews about the iPad when it was released, setting up new Windows laptop when the previous one died after just 2 years of light use, reading dozens of in-depth blog and website reviews and articles about the iPad, and then deciding to move house anyway!!

But there has been lots of other activity, including plans to attend the main annual science fiction convention in Australia in September, followed by a Metallica concert in New Zealand in October. Did I mention European iPad envy?

miley-cyrus-cant-be-tamed Meanwhile Miley Cyrus has grown up A LOT as her new song and video reveal – Can’t Be Tamed is a catchy track that features her strong voce with added huskiness. We love Miley and think she can do little wrong. She has enormous family support but also fabulous family understanding about the music business.

Miley’s 12 years in the entertainment business, undoubtedly with help and advice from her musician father and musician brother, has meant an attitude and musical maturity well beyond her years. Madonna worked out how to unwrap herself from narrow ‘pop’ constraints, as did Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Sure looks like Miley’s achieved her ‘graduation’ in flying colours.

So we hope to catch a Miley concert sometime over the next year, perhaps in various travels.

[Disclaimer: this post was prepared in Live Writer and so is deliberately a raw test of a Windows laptop and Windows software.]