In another shocking example of pro-male bias, the 4 girls versus 2 boys in the finishing stages of Junior Apprentice resulted in a blatant bias against the girls.

BBC Junior ApprenticeThe final was mind-boggling in its duplicity. The boys created a boring brand with a surefire FAIL in the finances. Even Lord Sugar said their financial model was seriously flawed. Their product was aimed at an overcrowed market with zero chance of marketing – therefore zero sales potential.

The girls created a clever brand with a great logo, aimed at a terrific potential market – teens. Lord Sugar was clearly out of touch and said he had doubts there was any market there. I guess he has never heard of  J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter, Hannah Montana, Glee or even Anita Roddick and Body Shop.

No wonder the commercial world is totally lopsided in favour of men. Even when there is a clear winner with girls, the ‘men’ will pick, literally, ‘one of the boys’.

It’s sad, it’s maddening, and it’s overwhelmingly true in most aspects of English culture.