Color us envious and enthusiastic as news arrives about a perfect belnd of technology and healthy living. Yes, it’s the Apple iBike – or at least the potential there could be one.

bicycle techA patent application entitled Systems and Methods for Integrating a Portable Electronic Device with a Bicycle has been lodged by Apple. It describes ways various gadgets could “interface” with the bicycle plus suggest possibilities for the iBike to be part of a communications hub for a cycling team (or any group) to communicate with each other.

Aside from the fantastic lifestyle enhancements the iBike could offer, we rather hope an Italian Job update with iBikes instead of Minis could be produced, especially if it was a project by Pixar!

Disclaimer: the image at right is a concept by yet another technology firm and has no relevance to Apple or the iBike. But it helps set the scene until the Apple device gets released at a cycle path near you!

The link for the Apple patent is here.