01 the wind is dominant and fickle, taking pleasure in antagonising pedestrians as it swirls, its cold and powerful tendrils attacking at will

Melbourne high heels02 Melbourne entices with modern and elegant features, reflected everywhere with often beautiful and extravagant high heels

03 the people are friendly and helpful, like the vast majority of Aussies, with just the Chinese keeping a degree of separateness which, of course, adds variety and contrast to the modern metrosexual style of the majority

Melbourne street scene04 colonial architecture rubs shoulders on most city streets with modern glass and steel descendants, and on many areas the Yarra acts as both a geographical and generational boundary

05 long before 3D became popular the graffiti of Melbourne has filled gaps, spanned buildings, added depth and focus to bland concrete slabs, changed your perspective and redefined vistas with funk and style

Melbourne graffiti06 cyclists, runners, walkers, trotters and even more cyclists are ever-present on Melbourne streets and sidewalks, a constant reminder of the youthful approach to life and rampant fitness that takes the many hills with ease

07 trams and trains shuttle everywhere, the veins and arteries of the sprawling city, the yellow taxis acting as busy bees in between the bulk services, the whole a lattice cake spread over many square miles filled with the peaks and troughs of buildings as if the cake had risen in some places but slumped in others, each peak a sugar coating over crisp architecture