After a harrowing wrangle with Air New Zealand at Auckland airport, I finally arrived at Melbourne airport with my luggage intact and, just, most of my wits intact too. In time honoured English tradition, “yah, boo, sucks” to Air New Zealand and their baggage blackmail.

You see, trusting travellers, you can fly inbound to NZ with just about any airline with all sorts of bags and weights. But if you try to fly outbound with Air New Zealand they will blackmail you to pay at least $NZ50 or miss the flight! It seems Air NZ don’t want passengers!

Priority PassBut, after being fleeced by a combination of what turned out to be lies and blackmail, I did arrive at Melbourne. Once there and with a few hours until my connecting flight, I went for a relaxing walk in the fresh air to clear various grumpy thoughts.

Back in Melbourne airport I zoomed up to Virgin Blue’s The Lounge, a partner with Priority Pass. There I was treated to food, drink, soothing chairs, a shower and, once I’d recovered enough, a speedy broadband to allow me to catch up with family and friends. And, of course, to write this post.

I really recommend both The Lounge and Priority Pass to regular travellers. The low fees and high quality services are very welcome. You can see more on Priority Pass here.