In other words, I have been busy with travel and life redirection. So took a rest from blogging. Not so much from desire but necessity. The rapid decline of the United Kingdom in the past 2 years is understandable and was clearly predicted.

One of the main problems in the UK is the news media. The shocking collapse of responsible, researched and objective reporting is so obvious:

  • BBC News is now pointless celeb pandering, and usually to its own shows
  • UK newspapers like the Mail (the Daily Fail) are Tea Party of the American kind
  • UK newspapers like the Sun (the Currant Bun) are puff pastry that will please the least tasteful spin doctors
  • Talk radio is babbling while Cameron-Clegg fiddle and burn

So, no worries. As long as you sell up and move to any country with a half-decent political system and a strong and independent news media.

media 2011 cartoon