SPLIT – Mak Vanderwall in Canada and a fairly obvious tale of the psycho twin brother with a passion for killing teen girls. Wrapped with a lot of feminine self-doubt and tedious replaying of ’emotional’ events of the past. The love conflict with the taciturn Aussie detective is wooden, as is his character. Oh, and the heroine survives many close scrapes.

HIT – Mak Vanderwall in Sydney and Melbourne with a fairly obvious tale of super-rich boy with a passion for hurting teen and pre-teen girls, the ‘accidental’ death and the story fizzles out half way through. By then the expert assassin that only the super-rich can employ strides in to kill more girls while the corrupt police aid in the eventual cover-up. Oh, and the heroine survives many close scrapes.

Summary – much of the writing is okay and some characters have depth. But there are long sections of explanation that are all tell and no show. There are often instances where the competent and capable world traveller heroine is wracked by self-doubt. In fact, the main characters do not grow and develop, which leaves this reader uninterested in what happen to them. So I wouldn’t bother reading any other Mak books.