See How They FallPretend all they like but some French films are poor and get significant praise despite being pretentious flops.

This travesty of cinema is laden with cliche after cliche: the idiot-savant, the dour businessman, the reckless metrosexual, the misunderstood wife.

Plus, of course, dark close-ups, dark transitions, dark sequence captions and dark character expositions. Did I mention dark?

But seriously, See How They Fall is cinema 101 and I wouldn’t care if the director was the son of a whole line of brilliant cinema patriarchs. It is nouvelle-crap.

Although it is from 1994 that does not mean the previous hundreds of years of storytelling should be ignored. So sorry, but them’s the breaks! The non-dark, non-closeup camera work saved what little day there was in the film, so just hauls it out of the 0 star trashcan.

Rating: 1 star