Book review: The Bat by Jo Nesbo

jo-nesbo-the-bat-cover-200pxI’ve tried but Jo Nesbo is not for me. In fact The Bat is just about the worst ‘drunk male cop with issues’ story I think I’ve read.

Most drunk male cop stories have a girl/woman being abused/raped/tortured/murdered and then another one or two or five suffering similar fates. Meanwhile the drunk male cop goes on a bender or five. Sometime later the author adds a twist so the drunk male cop can find/arrest/kill the bad guy(s). And there’s been nothing in the preceding pages to suggest the drunk male cop has such abilities.

So The Bat is little more than cardboard male characters, travel brochure story arcs and dumbed-down women. The translation is also poor, at best on a par with the style of English TV soaps, while the speech is English bingo hall – superimposed onto Sydney, Australia!

There must be a market for this approach because the publishers claim 14 million copies sold. But novels of this type sure don’t suit me.