Book review: The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino

Devotion-of-Suspect-X-coverWell it was going fairly well, albeit rather tedious with the triangle of the ‘super intelligent men’ all trying to outdo and outsmart and out manoeuvre each other. And, once again, a whole lot of the author telling us who thought what and when and why.

That’s how the initial two-thirds of The Devotion of Suspect X reveals itself. Ho hum.

And just when I was hoping for the strands to come together in a clever way … Nope. Let’s have a whole lot of fabrications out of the blue. Detective K happens to bump into student who happens to mention Prof Y went to the library and the person at the library at the very moment that Tec K enquired happened to remember EVERY tiny detail about Prof Y’s visit. Yeah, right. And then Prof Y just happens to be walking past the library just a Tec K comes out, and, and, and … On and on.

Like Tec K was in luck to be able to follow a taxi. In Tokyo! Yeah, right. And Tec K was “lucky” to find a place to park when Prof Y jumped out the taxi. Yeah, right. And the ‘chance’ reflection in a building. And the ‘chance’ that Prof Y bumped into the other K. And the chance that Y saw I and K together and came to ‘scientific’ conclusions. Bah and nonsense.

Oh, and then the three men – the superior, super intelligent, friends-by-chance – gang up on the women and destroy the lives of the mother and daughter. Bah and humbug. A most unpleasant book masquerading as a thriller rather than an appalling horror story. Another horror story of men debasing teenage girls and defenceless women!

A more appropriate title for the book would be The Misogynist Manipulations of Suspect X and His Male Cronies.