Book review: Learning to Swim by Sara J Henry

Learning-to-Swim-150pxI want to spoil your enjoyment of this book. And not just this book. In fact, all the other self-serving authors and so-called ‘reviewers’ who pat each other on the back, all in the interests of promoting their own mediocre books.

There are some good paragraphs in Learning to Swim. Full stop. Henry is a columnist, editor and writing instructor, apparently. And there are occasional glimpses of the characters and their environs. But mostly there is bland story development, trivial life observations and an absolutely terrible ‘reveal’ at the end which is complete nonsense.

So what is my beef? A poor novel is hardly something to write home about. But …

“From its shocking opening to its stunning conclusion, Learning to Swim is a frightening ride. Sara J. Henry will quite literally take your breath away.”  J.T. Ellison, author of The Lost Key

And …

“A thriller of the most thrilling kinda smart and crafty story with whiffs of Rebecca that insists from the first sentence that you sit down and not stand up again until you’ve read the last word.” Quinn Cummings, author of Notes from the Underwire

And lastly …

“With a strong, believable cast of characters and a breathtaking plot, it’s a nonstop thrilling ride that’s impossible to put down.” Cat Connor, author of Killerbyte …

These ‘reviews’ and the many others achieve nothing. For example:

  • they tell the reader nothing
  • they tell the author nothing
  • they tell publishers nothing

All they do is waste everyone’s time by foisting mediocre writing into people’s lives, dumbing down the whole publishing industry. As if it needed any help!