hillary-clinton-logo-2016Anyone who follows dystopian literature and comics and movies knows the signs. The logo is the message.

And the message from Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential campaign – or at least the message from her designers and marketers and advisers – is that you’ll get shafted.

The logo is brutal. It is ugly. It is authoritarian.

It says Democrats (red) will pierce Republicans (blue).

It says we’re moving way to the right. It says we’ll be so far to the right we’ll have gone beyond the Republicans.

It says “if you think the Republicans are right-wing, wait til you see us.”

Forget the economy and social issues and job security. This logo says “authority rules” and very strongly it adds, “don’t get in our way”.

Who you gonna trust? Upstanding, royal-blue Republicans, standing together? Or the red Democrats, shafting all under them?