The Limp Iron Fist Catastrophe

Iron Fist Colleen WingI’m a comics fan. I’m a noir fan. And many Marvel comics achieve appropriate levels of darkness and noir to keep me engaged. But the Iron Fist tv series is hugely disappointing.

Colleen and Davos are the only ones who act as if their life depended on it.

Danny, Ward and Joy are limp. Danny’s fight scenes are limp. Danny’s dialogue delivery is limp. In fact, everything about Danny is so limp it’s beyond comprehension that Finn Jones got the part. Only Jessica Henrick and Sacha Dhawan convince.

Look, comics are not intended to be great literature – although I’d argue that many are. And comics are not necessarily the foundation of great cinema – and I’d argue that some are. But how Marvel approved the Netflix adaptation of Iron Fist is a great puzzle.

Just makes Iron Man seem even more brilliant! Although much of that is thanks to Robert Downey Jr.


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